Cheers, La Jolla!

Some of my favorites we celebrate this month...Coffee, coffee, and coffee! La Jolla has an abundance of coffee shops - centers of our community where we gather to talk about life, school, family...what's important! For some a daily routine, and others a special treat. So many jewels here in La Jolla but we take an in-depth look at a star…

Biz X Networking Social

BizX hosted an evening of food, drink and networking with local community members. Hosted by Tapasya Bali, CEO of YogaSmoga, at their flagship La Jolla store. Janis Foley Photography

Las Patronas ‘Taking Flight’ Annual Jewel Ball

Las Patronas welcomed guests to the La Jolla Beach & Tennis Club for this social event. Décor celebrating the Golden Age of luxurious air travel set the scene as community members dined, danced and raised money for this year’s many beneficiaries. 

Letty Nowak Opening at Aaron Goulding Galleries

It was a full house with guests from San Diego and those who traveled from Orange County for the Opening Reception for Letty Nowak's Faces of Surfing Paintings. Also on display was Aaron Goulding's well known photography from in and around La Jolla and San Diego. | Photography Aaron Goulding.

San Diego International Film Festival Insider Series

The exclusive patron event was held at a private home in La Jolla as part of a special series for patrons, bringing in filmmakers to talk about upcoming projects. On this evening, it was an intimate discussion with military filmmakers Erik Sabiston and Wendy Anderson.

October 2017 Around Town

On Sunday, October 1, at the San Diego Central Library to benefit ENF’s support programs. Harvest for Hope brings together some of the finest chefs in San Diego to present unique dishes paired with some of the finest wines and spirits in the world, creating a beautiful and fun afternoon of great food, wine, music and friendship. The event features…

Michelle St. Clair at Your Service

Three years ago, Michelle St. Clair stumbled across an advertisement that changed her life. It touted a private, men-only concierge service –and St. Clair was intrigued. “I started researching, and realized there’s this entire industry for private concierge services, predominantly in New York and Los Angeles,” she says. “But there was nothing here in San Diego. It was a real…

Opal – The stone of happy dreams

Famously Australian and captivatingly beautiful, precious opals have an alluring display of color and unique internal structure. In the dreamtime mythologies of Australia’s indigenous cultures, opals were brought to the land via a great rainbow. Where the rainbow connected with the land, rocks and pebbles that glittered in the sun with all the colors of the rainbow were formed. Many…

La Jolla Unleashed

Oso didn't know what to expect upon his arrival in La Jolla. The handsome brown puppy was a rescue after all, who debuted in Bird Rock with a wagging tail, sensitive brown eyes and, naturally, a tummy hungry for treats. La Jollans Brian and Ana Anderson had decided to take the plunge into puppy-ville and surprise their children Sofia, 8,…

Just Food for Dogs

The old saying goes that a dog is man’s best friend. You take care of yourself by eating whole foods that are healthy for your body. Why would you not feed your furry best friend the same nutritious foods? Coming to the Del Mar Highlands Center is the highly anticipated Just Food For Dogs, where the main goal is to…