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 Danielle Jumpsuit -   Kip Pale Blue Nail Lacquer  -  Ally Cotton Button Up Shirt -

The Secret is in the Brows

Kristl Vulovic recently celebrated sole-proprietorship of Brow Lounge on Silverado. Here she chats about why eyebrows are so important and how the right brow shape can transform a face.

Festive Family Fashions

 Her: Gracie James  Him: The Ascot Shop   Boy: Shannon & Co.

Opal – The stone of happy dreams

Famously Australian and captivatingly beautiful, precious opals have an alluring display of color and unique internal structure. In the dreamtime mythologies of Australia’s indigenous cultures, opals were brought to the land via a great rainbow. Where the rainbow connected with the land, rocks and pebbles that glittered in the sun with all the colors of the rainbow were formed. Many…

Sapphire – The stone of peace

More commonly known as the blue variety of corundum, sapphire can in fact be almost any color of the rainbow (including a rare color-change sapphire), a little known fact that is always received with widened eyes of surprise. Having said that, the red variety of corundum is known as ruby, the other much loved and adored gem and this is…

Your Salon Sanctuary Beckons

A simple, sensible new approach to early detection aims to significantly reduce skin cancer deaths worldwide. Eyes On Cancer is a Beauty/Grooming industry initiative which trains hair stylists and barbers to inform clients when early signs of skin cancer are observed. Melanoma, a dangerous type of skin cancer that can spread to other parts of the body, can be treated…

June Fashion EDIT

With summer temps heating up, choose from these fun prints, hues and functional fashion choices to stay on-trend whether at the office, the beach or the after-work cocktail spot.

May Fashion EDIT

Mila opened its doors in 1987, making it one of La Jolla's longest running upscale women's clothing boutiques. Owner and La Jolla resident Tammy Marcus takes pride in offering unique fashions that dress La Jollans with enviable style. Mila is located at 1250 Prospect Street. 858.454.9995