Dog Days

Ahhhh, summer. Time for backyard pool parties and family vacations. Time for kids to run after the ice cream truck when the telltale sound of its music turns onto your street to secure the perfect sweet treat to beat the heat. For the loud explosion of fireworks on the Fourth of July, the shriveled fingertips … Continued

Men Around Town

Ladies first. That always is the rule, but this month, gentlemen, we are here to salute you. Men of La Jolla who give back, have deep community roots and are committed to La Jolla include a long list of distinguished men. This month we’re proud to feature some movers and shakers in town. La Jolla … Continued

Community Support and Spotlight

First I’d like to extend a warm thank you La Jolla for supporting us over the past year plus. We’re now celebrating our second year here in town being a part of your lives and telling your story. What an amazing place La Jolla is with such history, culture and a strong sense of community. … Continued

April 2018 Lifestyle Letter

Welcome to Spring!  La Jolla this is our season. Concours is here and we are excited - we hope you'll join us in early April for World Class cars and world class fun. This month we celebrate community and our focus is on going green. Green can mean growing a garden, saving on driving or just getting together to recycle,…

The Heart of the Home

It's March La Jolla and spring is in the air. Perhaps that means you are spring cleaning or making plans to update your living space or spruce up the exterior of your home. You might find me knee-deep in an organizational project in the garage where it seems everything collects in our home and needs the most help especially with…

Share the Love La Jolla!

This month, we heard you and are telling the stories of some of your favorites. We are celebrating our community with honors for more than 20 local businesses!

Happy New Year La Jolla!

2018 brings a new year with exciting new possibilities and so much to experience and do here in our wonderful community. Our area has amazing weather and many options for every lifestyle.

The holidays are here!

And so are holiday traditions, old and new. One of the most 
 anticipated times of the year. Hustle and bustle, joyous memories, celebrating with family and friends…

Welcome to November!

Wow! There is so much happening in La Jolla that we have to be thankful for this month. We’re excited for the annual tradition held here for over 30 years with the Open House on Girard Ave as some of the most iconic names locally open their doors to celebrate the holidays the way only La Jolla knows best. From…

Cheers, La Jolla!

Some of my favorites we celebrate this month...Coffee, coffee, and coffee! La Jolla has an abundance of coffee shops - centers of our community where we gather to talk about life, school, family...what's important! For some a daily routine, and others a special treat. So many jewels here in La Jolla but we take an in-depth look at a star…