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La Jolla Crafted Wines

In a city full of delectable wineries, La Jolla Crafted Wines has truly outdone itself in the wine community. For those looking for a sustainable approach to wine, La Jolla Crafted Wines is a must. In a winery where discretion for the environment is not sacrificed for taste, it has established itself as the finest urban winery of La Jolla.

Lowell Jooste, the owner of La Jolla Crafted Wines, is the fourth generation in the South African wine industry. Having worked in the Robert Mondavi vineyard in Napa as well as his family’s vineyard in Cape Town, Lowell has a long history in the wine business. Six years ago, his family set forward to embark upon opening a winery in La Jolla, where he opened this urban winery.

An urban winery is an up-and-coming concept in which the grapes from the vineyards of choice are sent to an urban location to produce the wine and is then sold and distributed at this location. This sets apart from the classic approach of traveling to a rural location to get the wine experience. Lowell’s approach to urban wineries differs because of their focus.

“We serve our wines directly from the barrel into refillable bottles using our patented technology, thus avoiding the single-use wine packaging on which the wine industry relies,” he says.

Since February 2016, La Jolla Crafted Wines has avoided the production and disposal of 45,000 single-use bottles. This barrel-to-growler approach allows for the wines to be less processed and contain fewer preservatives than wines that go through conventional bottling procedures. This allows for the wines to have a “fresher quality perceptible on the taste,” Lowell says.  

The charming tasting room is located on La Jolla Boulevard in Bird Rock. Your choice of outdoor patio seating or a quiet indoor experience is available. Appetizers, such as cheese and charcuterie boards, can be paired with wine tastings or wines by the glass, making it a romantic date venue. If you’re searching for the perfect Valentine’s Day spot, LJ Crafted Wines is offering two glasses of Napa Valley rosé for the price of one glass. Relish in the familiar and serene neighborhood ambiance as knowledgeable wine associates facilitate a pleasant visit.

Its most popular wine, Russian River Pinot Noir, along with select rosés and chardonnays have won gold awards in several wine competitions. All of the wines are from Napa Valley and are served directly from the barrel at the La Jolla location. Reds, whites and rosés are available for tastings, including its flagship wine, the Napa Valley Cabernet Sauvignon. Lowell advises to “be open to exploration and discovery in wine” while indulging in tastings. The expedition for appraising diverse wines is made possible by the winery’s three choices of flights, each containing six wines. The flights change monthly, making every visit exciting and distinctive.

Upon visiting this innovative winery, one can sign up for the wine club.

“Members commit to receive a minimum of one growler fill each month from the pre-selected ‘Barrel of the Month.’ Members also receive 20 percent off all further wine to-go purchases, plus one complimentary monthly tasting,” Lowell says. 

For your next wine experience, rethink, reduce and refill at La Jolla Crafted Wines.

5621 La Jolla Blvd., La Jolla, 858.551.8890, LJCraftedWines.com