With Kera Murphy Co-Owner of La Jolla Sports Club

As the co-owner of La Jolla Sports Club, Kera Murphy helps people achieve their health and fitness goals. Everyone who walks through the door has a different idea of what they would like to achieve and what their motivation is for getting here.

Kera’s three fundamental ways anyone can achieve their goals are:

1. Create a habit. It is easier to stick to something if it is part of your routine.

I start my weekdays at 4:30 a.m. when I meet two of my girlfriends for a workout at LJSC. On the weekends, I sleep in and will hike or take a jog by the coast.

2. Be realistic about your goals. Set yourself up for success by understanding your lifestyle and what is achievable based on your other commitments. Our personal trainers create an individualized program based on many different specifications to keep you working toward your personal best.

3. Find balance. We offer a variety of multi-level classes and new-age technologies to help you obtain a harmonized balance.  

I utilize our partnered recovery services like cryotherapy, IV and nutrient injection therapy to keep me healthy as well as a weekly Fascia blast class and a weekly massage from our in-house LMT, Greg, to help keep me relaxed.