La Jolla, here it is—we say goodbye to another year filled with memories, laughter, love and tears. How was your year? Did it unfold as you thought a year ago? Each year we set out with resolutions or goals and often the current of life, much like the current in the ocean takes turns you may not anticipate. 

This year, I start the year with new hope and new dreams. I am thankful for our wonderful community and all the friends and support our family has had this past year. We are truly blessed to live in our jewel by the sea. I am writing this as I have some down time to reflect on how this year ahead will be a year of adventure, balance, travel and growth for my amazing children. I look forward to sharing with you our journey in the months to come.

This month, we share some great stories in town with a focus on wellness. A happy life and year start with health, so we chat with the team at Patronus and the innovative approach they have to health care. We sit down with Kera Murphy, co-owner of La Jolla Sports Club, and hear her thoughts on page XX. We also hope you enjoy the story of Sushi on the Rock as we spotlight this reopening of a La Jolla icon and the family behind the food on page XX.

La Jolla, here’s to a year of health, happiness, hope and new beginnings.  

See you around town and cheers!