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Your health is one of the most valuable gifts one can have. Taking care of your health can help sustain a long-lasting and happier life. Patronus Medical advocates for, protects and manages health care and mitigates health-related risks on behalf of their clients in any venue at any time.

The La Jolla Clinic, located inside the La Jolla Sports Club and in partnership with cryotherapy specialist Chiltonic, serves as a central point for private clients and members of the community to receive a number of services including pharmaceutical-grade micronutrient intravenous infusions and injections, vaccinations, micronutrient and gut health testing and skin vibrancy solutions. In partnership with Chiltonic, the clinic also offers non-invasive low-level laser treatments combined with local or whole-body cryotherapy for those suffering from pain due to acute injury, chronic pain and inflammation.

La Jolla Lifestyle spoke with Patronus Medical about its innovative programs.

Tell us about your private health program and wellness program.

Our private health program offers individuals and families fully customized medical care solutions and 24/7 access to our physicians regardless of location. Whether it is primary or ongoing care, on-demand telemedicine, innovative health assessment practices or travel and emergency care, Patronus’ private health program will ensure world-class care is never more than a phone call away.

Patronus provides its clients with a comprehensive medical solution, customized to their needs, lifestyle and special considerations. We serve individuals, families, executives, entertainers, athletes and remote private facilities including resorts, estates, yachts, aircraft and corporate families with the utmost discretion and attention to detail.

Our team works to integrate preventative- and wellness-based programs on a proactive basis as we seek to achieve optimal health for our clients and their families. Our programs are customized to the individual rather than traditional population-based health care. To do this, Patronus Wellness offers a number of unique diagnostic evaluations, functional micronutrient testing and microbiome testing in conjunction with traditional laboratory analysis. We incorporate DNA-based health solutions as well as integrative and functional medicine programs into a personalized treatment program.

Your destination program is unique. How did that program come to be, and who does it serve most?

Recognizing that reliable medical and evacuation services are not always available in remote destinations, Patronus has developed a program to ensure the safety of our clients, their staff and guests. With our 24/7 telemedicine access or even on-site staffing, Patronus moves with you offering the ultimate in flexibility, responsiveness, security and discretion.

Patronus’ international staff and global reach ensure that we are able to provide care in even the most remote locations. If you operate a private resort, own a private island or host events in remote locations, Patronus will work with you and your team to design, develop and implement a fully custom medical program tailored to the needs of your staff, guests and nuances of the location. Patronus Destinations program can help ensure everyone who makes the journey has the appropriate health risk assessments prior to departure and access to world-class medical care throughout the duration of travel including evacuation services in case of unforeseen emergency.

As former White House physicians, you know how to create tailored medical solutions for people with demanding lives. How do you accomplish this?

Our physicians and founders developed medical systems and protocols for the president of the United States, senior White House officials and members of the president’s cabinet. Patronus physicians provide health risk management and care for everything from an uncomplicated minor illness to a life-threatening traumatic injury, regardless of location or time of day.

Whether managing your personal health needs or that of your company, Patronus leverages its global network, wisdom and years of experience working with high-level government officials and agencies, the military and NASA. Not only do we focus on securing our clients’ health, but we can also integrate with Executive Protection details or engagements for those clients requiring any degree of physical protection as well.

Additionally, the Patronus partnership with the Human Longevity Institute here in La Jolla allows us to offer our clients and the community with what is arguably the most comprehensive Executive Health evaluation anywhere in the world.  

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