The Art of Plastic Sugery

Plastic surgery is an art unlike any other; being able to enhance the body can help transform lives. At Esthetica of San Diego Plastic Surgery, a boutique-like, family-oriented practice, the goal is to make patients feel their greatest by always providing five-star service.

Esthetica of San Diego was founded five years ago by Dr. Wael Kouli. With the first office in Coronado, two years later they expanded to North San Diego County adding the Del Mar location. With over 12 years of extensive surgery experience, Dr. Kouli brought his artistic talent from the East Coast to establish San Diego as his home and founded Esthetica of San Diego.

“Patients turn to you to feel confident and beautiful. We dedicate as much time to consult with our patients, and during the consultation, we give them their full attention, listen to their wishes and answer their questions. We then thoroughly go over the recommended procedures and provide options for the patient to choose a treatment plan that will meet their aesthetic goals,” Practice Manager Veronica Rodriguez says.

For someone interested in plastic surgery, the first step is to get a consultation with a cosmetic surgeon to go over your expectations, desires and medical history. The surgeon and consultant will suggest the procedures that will best obtain your surgical goals and ensure that you are a candidate for the surgery.

La Jolla Lifestyle spoke with Esthetica of San Diego Plastic Surgery about their services and how they provide top-quality care.


Providing quality care and patient safety is their No. 1 priority. They take pride that both centers are fully accredited by the Institute of Medical Quality in California. There are three operating rooms available to accommodate patients’ busy schedules. All medical professional staff is handpicked by Dr. Kouli to ensure the staff shares the same philosophy in providing the highest standard of care. Esthetica of San Diego is committed to helping patients achieve their desired results while ensuring their safety and providing exceptional care.


Services range from body contouring procedures that include mommy makeovers; breast enhancement; body lifts; liposculpture; and natural fat transfers to buttocks, face, breasts and hands. They also perform facial aesthetic procedures, both invasive and non-invasive that include facelifts, rhinoplasty, eyelids, neck, chin and ears.  Non-invasive facial treatments are very popular for facial rejuvenation, skin tone, texture and clarity.

Weight Loss Program: Gastric Balloon, Non-Surgical Weight Loss

Esthetica of San Diego Plastic Surgery offers the newly FDA gastric balloons for weight loss. The six-month program includes a highly supportive and enthusiastic dietitian. The practice has had amazing success stories and is happy to see patients change their lifestyles.

Dr. Kouli was involved in the FDA study for the gastric weight loss balloons. He has extensive experience in bariatric medicine and is one of the leading surgeons on the West Coast in the gastric balloon procedures.  

Med Spa

Esthetica of San Diego Plastic Surgery offers the latest non-invasive treatments for skin rejuvenation, body contouring and tightening. They also have skin care treatments and an exclusive skincare line. Lastly, they offer all fillers and Botox for beautification and maintenance.