Apiary Social Influencing the Social Media Game

Being social media savvy is the new norm, especially for local businesses. There are a lot of Instagram influencers out in cyber space (and in real life) that enhance businesses by promoting products and reaffirming the brand’s message.

Apiary Social is an influencer marketing company focused on bringing attention to your business by using social media influencers to create authentic brand interactions. They keep your company ahead of the curve by bringing them into the new age of social advertising. La Jolla Lifestyle magazine spoke with Apiary Social co-founders Enna Schell and Brittany Etherton about how their company is influencing the social media world.

How has Apiary Social changed the social media game?

Enna: I’ve been an influencer on Instagram for the past couple of years, and I noticed that San Diego didn’t have a source that connected local businesses with local influencers. Apiary strives to bridge the gap by cultivating a diverse set of influencers that businesses can call upon to help them promote and better represent their brand. We focus on San Diego entirely and bring a personalized approach to connecting social media personalities.

Brittany: We’ve created a system that makes influencer marketing much more accessible and effective for small businesses. When matching brands with hyper-local influencers, it isn’t always about who has the most followers but who can best speak to the strengths of your business.

Describe what strategic influencer matchmaking is and how it helps businesses thrive.

Enna: As it stands, 74 percent of buying decisions are informed by social media. The first thing a lot of people do in the morning is check their Instagram! The latest trends, ideas and influential people all drive our buying experience, and finding the right people to represent your brand will significantly improve your presence to buyers.

Brittany: There are plenty of software companies out there that claim to match your business with the perfect influencers with the click of a button, but we know this is rarely ever the case and strongly believe in the power of real humans auditing, selecting and helping them. We take the time to understand our clients’ needs and target audiences and then personally match them with local influencers whose personal brand will best amplify your message to your new customers.

How did Apiary Social come to be in San Diego?

Brittany: San Diego is an amazing city, and we know it well. That said, it is a big place with lots of businesses fighting to be noticed. There are so many great businesses that are underappreciated, and with all the noise out there, it is helpful to get the word out with great local advocates.

What kind of businesses do you work with?

Enna: Our best clients are those that can deliver an outstanding experience, whether that be a product or service. The key to a successful campaign is digging deep for what is special about the business and inviting the influencers to really enjoy what they are advocating.

What are some social media trends you forecast for 2019?

Brittany: Instagram has proven year after year that it can stay ahead of the curve and maintain its dominance over all social media applications. Its storytelling ability makes it the No. 1 network to communicate your brand’s voice. Its adopted its competitors best features and I believe will continue to do so in the coming year. Be on the lookout for more personalized options on IG-TV (Instagram’s video tool) and on the Stories feature.