La Jolla Sports Club has welcomed Neil Minella with open arms.

“For almost 9 years now, LJSC has been a second home to me,” he says. “All of my coworkers, clients and members have been like my extended family. In my style of training, I aim to be a jack of all trades, and LJSC allows you to do just that. We offer a wide variety of classes, whether it’s bodybuilding, circuit training, dance or yoga, and any style of exercising works here. If it feels good for your body, do it. Being from Chicago and landing in La Jolla, I feel super lucky to have found LJSC and to be surrounded by so many healthy influences.”

Using a Butterball turkey, Neil shows us how to get a full-body workout before stuffing ourselves with Thanksgiving favorites.

1. Turkey thrusters: The turkey thruster is a very effective compound exercise combining the traditional front squat and overhead press. The major muscle groups used here are the quadriceps, hamstrings, glutes, core, shoulders, upper back and triceps. The turkey thruster is a full-body exercise. Reps: 3×15

2. Overhead lunge: The overhead turkey lunge is a weighted variation of the standard lunge that works the entire body. By holding weights overhead, you build upper and lower body strength, along with improving your balance, core stability and increasing the power and propulsion of your legs. Reps: 3×20

3. Turkey V-up: The turkey V-up is a complete core exercise that requires you to lift both your arms and legs by using your upper and lower abdominals. This exercise can also strengthen your lower back, improve your posture, and extend your spine. Reps: 3×20

4. Turkey get-up: The turkey get-up is an exercise that incorporates all three planes of movement. This exercise challenges your core the entire time as you stay upright, bend, twist and lunge. This exercise builds strength and increases overall body stability, awareness, balance and coordination. Reps: 3×20

5. Turkey weighted push-ups: Turkey weighted push-ups are a challenging total-body exercise that will increase strength and muscle growth. Be sure to engage your core and lower body while performing this moving plank. Reps: 3×15

6. Single turkey leg hip raises: Single turkey leg hip raises are a great functional exercise for stabilizing your pelvis, core and glutes. It also reduces stress to your low back and hips. The thrust is a must! Reps: 3×15