Five Things La Jolla Elementary School Student Liv Kyle Is Thankful for and Ways She Gives Back

LJES student Liv Kyle is an extraordinarily gifted child; she was able to learn things at a very young age – complex math, advanced chess, Chinese. While she has a very gifted “left brain,” art is her true passion. This was amplified around the time she survived cancer at age 7—which included a 12-hour surgery to remove a large tumor and kidney and 6 months of weekly chemo—and realized she could help kids like her financially, emotionally and spiritually through art. The scope of her brain is only exceeded by the size of her heart.

Things Liv is thankful for: Her physical health, the doctors at Rady’s Children Hospital, where she lives, La Jolla, her friends and family, her pets, her strong mind and school La Jolla Elementary and happiness.

Ways Liv gives back: Teaching kids about art, raising/donating money through art sales, raising/donating money through Liv’s Liquidation Sale (lemonade stand), giving food and money to people in need in the community (homeless).