Five Things I Love with Ari

Ari the Frenchie Fills Us in on the Loves of Her Life

Meet five-year-old french bulldog Ari! Ari hails from Thailand and now resides in sunny California. When she isn’t eating or posing for Instagram, you can find her right by the side of her proud papa, Evan Tyrrell. Evan is co-owner of F45 La Jolla, F45 Training East Hillcrest and F45 Hermosa Beach. We recently caught up with the busiest bulldog in La Jolla, and she let us in on the five things she loves. 

1. “I love eating human food. What I really love the most is a good Aussie-style barby [barbecue.]”

2. “Being that I’m originally from Thailand, I love lying outside in the warm weather of La Jolla.”

3. “I love when I get to go on scooter/moped rides with my dad.”

4. “Walking with no leash and socializing with all the energetic humans that I pass by.”

5. “I hate inflatables such as beach balls, balloons, etc., but I love nothing more than destroying them. It’s one of my favorite pastimes.”