Men Around Town

Ladies first. That always is the rule, but this month, gentlemen, we are here to salute you. Men of La Jolla who give back, have deep community roots and are committed to La Jolla include a long list of distinguished men. This month we’re proud to feature some movers and shakers in town. La Jolla has a proud tradition of multigenerational businesses, and this month we feature in our Local’s Choice the men of The Ascot Shop on page __. We hope you enjoy getting to know the personalities behind some of La Jolla’s movers and shakers from fitness to financial investment in our main feature on page ___. Plus we take you inside the new Absolution By The Sea. Already a hit on the brewery scene in L.A. but new to La Jolla, this gastropub is one you want to visit soon before all the tourists are in town. Check out our behind-the-scenes look on page ____.

Guys, share your story with us. Surf, sun or time with friends and family, we want to hear from you. Tag us online @lajollalifesytyle for potential future features! Cheers to you, men of La Jolla!