Male Movers + Shakers of La Jolla 1

Six Men that Have Influences that Power The Community


Brett Murphy, Co-Owner, La Jolla Sports Club

What brought you to the La Jolla area?

Back east, I was in sales, and was traveling all thoughout the Northeast selling and managing people. Since I have a passion for working out, once my partner and I had the opportunity to buy in the La Jolla Sports Club, we jumped at the chance.

I knew the next big thing I wanted to attack was wellness, and after looking at the trend in the industry I wanted to add Matt and (Chris), and what we have created is a big wellness movement—mind, body and soul, and together have created incredible ways to take care of our members.


Matthew Bergman, Founder/Managing Member, Chiltonville Partners LLC

What do you think is the biggest way you influence the community?

I feel that myself and my partners that include Brett Murphy help create a community here. Of course, there’s a beneficial effect that Chiltronic brings such a reducing pain and inflammation, and boosting immunity, but there’s also that aspect of bringing like-minded people together.

We have partnered with Patronus Medical, which is private health management company. The two principal physicians, one being Dr. Andy, are both veterans who career stuck in a similar arc; both were naval flight surgeons. Collectively we are looking into ways to help treat veterans with TBI and PSTD with alternative and natural modalities such as cryotherapy.

What’s next on the horizon for you? 

I’m very excited about our partnership with Patronus. They have a fantastic organization, and by offering our clients a glimpse of what they offer, we feel that their model is very much the future of health care.


Andrew P. Desjardins, M.D., Director of Patronus Medical LLC

What accomplishment/s are your particularly proud of?

Co-founding Petronus and bringing all the latest in health and medicine to aid in helping people live longer and healthier lives. The company focuses on the whole spectrum of patient care—focusing on peak performance and longevity. I’m excited that we can turn things into actionable items for our patients. There’s new data out there we are learning about, and I think it’s going to change the way in which we treat people.

If you were to fast-forward life quite a bit and could imagine what your legacy in the community could be, what would you hope for?

I would want people to remember me through my kids. I want to raise my kids and instill the values of humility of kindness and acceptance in itself, and, on a large scale, I want to be known as helping change the paradigm of medical care on an international level.


Owners & CEO, Giuseppe Restaurants & Fine Catering

What’s your favorite place in or around La Jolla to get a cocktail or beer?

Never can go wrong with George’s Rooftop—best in the nation. Hats off!

What do you think is the most significant way you influence this community on a day-to-day basis? 

I feel for me it’s helping keep La Jolla clean as well as supporting the local business and assisting with doing charity work and supporting local organizations.

Any exciting projects our readers should be on the lookout?

At the new showroom and event space in the village over on Hershel Avenue we rent the space for private dinners and soon will begin a series of pop-up dinners. Also, we are in the process of starting to build a new restaurant down at La Jolla Shored with an opening to be projected in early 2019.


Ben and Matt Murphy, Co-owners, The Bird Rock Surf Shop & Seaside Surf Cafe

What is the path that brought you two to your current level of professional success?

Hard work and dedication that my brother and I put into the businesses. We worked day and night every single day–blood sweat and tears—and were able to win the support and trust of the community. We are also incredibly thankful to all of the wonderful employees we’ve had over the past 10+ years, especially Pat Tugend and Scott VanVugt, who have helped make the place what it is today.

What causes or charities are near to your heart?

We love being involved with Canine Companions for Independence and their annual golf tournament. Our shop mascots, Cooper and Maverick, have taught us all the importance of canine companionship and we love supporting the cause. We’re very involved with Stand up for Kids and donate large amounts of clothing to help homeless and street children across America, and we give to numerous local events and surf contests throughout the year.