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Absolution By The Sea: More Than Meets the Eye

Located in the heart of San Diego’s La Jolla neighborhood, this establishment is more than your average brewpub. An elevated food menu, additional pews for seating, eight flat-screen TVs and two large outdoor firepits makes Absolution more than just a regular tasting room.

“Our dishes are rooted in tradition and more flair,” Dan Gomes, managing member, says. “Our craft beers will tempt your palate like no other, with a true farm-to-glass experience. We’re the neighborhood hangout where you can find comfort and community: great beer, great food and great friends.”

If you haven’t already, come and that offer pretty much a near-spiritual experience

If you’re a local beer enthusiast or simply enjoy a good pint, then Absolution is where it’s at. The staff is extremely knowledgeable and incredibly helpful in selecting a beer from the 22 that are always on tap. So, whether you’re hanging out at the bar for happy hour, or watching the NBA or NHL playoffs on the patio with the guys or your four-legged best friend, they have you covered for whatever you’re in the mood to drink!

Do not come to Absolution on a full stomach, because they are not serving up regular bar grub by any means. You can’t go wrong with signature menu items like the cardinal sin fish and chips, and the blacks beach burger. The beer batter that coats the cod fillets is made with their cardinal sin Irish red ale, and the burger is a half-pound fresh ground chuck steak that’s flame-grilled and served on a pretzel bun. Your taste buds will be elated from start to finish!

The first thing you notice when you walk into Absolution is the large bar area. The modern décor with stainless steel vats and soft dim lighting turns Absolution into a relaxed environment that makes for the perfect retreat after a long work week.