First I’d like to extend a warm thank you La Jolla for supporting us over the past year plus. We’re now celebrating our second year here in town being a part of your lives and telling your story. What an amazing place La Jolla is with such history, culture and a strong sense of community. We’re proud to play a small role in what makes La Jolla truly special!

This month was a tough but excited issue to put together for you. The tough part was simply there are more stories to tell and amazing women to spoliight than we had room to cover in one month. Our goal this month was to share with a slice of life from several difference makers in La Jolla from all walks of life. When you look at how diverse La Jolla is this is no easy task. We hope you enjoy our feature on some of the women who’ve shaped La Jolla and will continue to for the years to come.

And I’d also like to take a moment to honor a few very important women in my life. My wife Jennifer who has been a huge part of the creative vision of La Jolla Lifestyle, she is headed onto other ventures and we’ve had our ups and downs in this journey but she worked tirelessly to raise the bar for what we deliver to you each month. My amazing and brillant daughter, Sidney. I continue to see the wonder of life and adventure in her eyes and I look forward to seeing the wonderful young women she will grow up to be! Finally I’d like to take a moment to honor my mother. Although she left us in this world nearly 16 years ago her empathy, tireless patience and love for family will live on forever.

We’d love to hear your story or nominations for people to feature who make our community better. Please drop me a line anytime online or email your thoughts.

See you Around Town and here’s to the women who stand by La Jolla and make this Jewel By The Sea one of a kind!