EcoLux Interiors

When you meet Suzi O’Brien from EcoLux Interiors, one thing is certain – she has moxie, she is fearless and she has style.

Prior to interior design in San Diego, she started in social work in Seattle, assisting homeless and foster children in realizing their dreams, potential and guiding them into their adult lives with hope. Part of this is her can-do attitude but much of it is her passion and ethical drive.

For her next chapter, she knew she had to be challenged with something to drive her creative spirit. Once she found interior design, she jumped right in. “Great design is about bringing out the heart and soul of the client…bringing that beauty and creating a nurturing, fun, beautiful home,” she says.

EcoLux is a boutique design firm that works with a select number of clients each year. As O’Brien sees it, each client and project is a grand adventure of discovery. Each one of her projects is different but there is continuity within all the projects; each room is planned but looks effortless, and each space relates to the others. Finding her homeowner’s voice within each of her whole-home projects is what she considers her “sweet-spot”.

It’s evident when looking at her portfolio that her designs are global, which she attributes to a love of travel and exploration. In her 20s, she lived in Thailand for a year, where she explored and collected textiles and art, and immediately understood that memories of travel bring a rich, positive expression of who we are into a home. This continues not only in her relationship with her clients but in her personal travels with her family – you can see O’Brien carrying hand-forged sinks through Morocco with her son, chandeliers through San Miguel de Allende with her husband and textiles through Thailand with her daughter. And she loves to coordinate her clients’ adventures to seek designs throughout the globe.

As much as she loves great design, she is very conscientious of the planet. “There is so much beauty in nature and as a mom, we need to make choices and be passionate about all we can do so our grandkids’ grandkids have a healthy world,” she shares.

An active member of the San Diego Green Building Council, she and her team, including Bryan Stafford of Leland Construction, work to make their projects Green Point Rated. This specific project featured here received a platinum rating which means verification of recycled tear out, utilizing materials and finishes with recycled content, no VOC paint, low water system for native and low water landscape, solar panels, EV car charger, and whole home water filtration. You wouldn’t know it when walking through the 1930s Spanish Mediterranean home that as much thought went into the environmental impact as did the design, but that’s what makes an EcoLux home special.

Master Bedroom

Moroccan light fixture

Modern Mexican textile by Kravet 


Turkish design tile

Light fixtures from San Miguel de Allende

NEOLITH Countertop  

Walnut Cabinetry

Living room 

Moroccan side table

Guest Bath

Hand-forged Moroccan sink

Tile by Robyn Vojak CR Studio 4 in Temecula 

Hand-carved cabinets from India 

Master bathroom

Spanish tile

Hand-carved cabinets from India 

Spanish-style chandelier