The Secret is in the Brows 3

Kristl Vulovic recently celebrated sole-proprietorship of Brow Lounge on Silverado. Here she chats about why eyebrows are so important and how the right brow shape can transform a face.

How did you get started in the brow business?

What is important for our readers to know about Brow Lounge?

This is not a one-time thing, whether you are having brows, microblading or a spray tan, we work with our clients to build a long-term relationship. The girls have a deeper understanding of their clients on a personal level and professionally. That’s really important, the relationship. That’s our job.

One of the changes I’m introducing in 2018 is the concept of balance in beauty and brows which translates to wellness in beauty for our client services and also for our employees. We want to be there for our clients and to make Brow Lounge amazing. However, the girls need their time too to grow, learn and spend with family and friends.

What do you enjoy most about 
running Brow Lounge?

For me, it has always been about people – always, always, always! I am happiest when I am with my clients. I love working with my clients and got into this industry because I like being around people and I like making people feel good about themselves. Stick me in an office and I get antsy. I still have those epiphany moments, “Wow, this is where my life led me.” I never started out in this industry to be an entrepreneur; I never had that aspiration, it just evolved into that and I am grateful for this journey.

Tell us about the brow and the shape?

The arch placement is one of the most important parts of the brow and the number one thing that we see wrong. Frequently people start out right but it evolved and this is why we always measure at each session with our clients. I always measure because it keeps me on track: clients don’t have any surprises when they leave. Consistency is so important and we have an open dialogue if there is a change a client is looking to make. Our goal is to find what is appropriate for your face with artistry and precision, not to follow trends.

What makes the brow so important?

It really is the balance and symmetry of your face. If you see someone with incorrect brows it can make them look very surprised or angry or aged. You just can’t complete your look until your eyebrows are done. It creates a polished look that translates to a person’s command and character.