Welcome to Marine Lair 3

Marine Lair, as it’s affectionately, if not appropriately, named, is built differently than any other home in San Diego. Inspired by the ocean’s elements, every feature of this home is uniquely and innovatively designed to provide views of the seaside horizon. The curving exterior wall leads into the home, creating a fluid theme of the interior space. Marine Lair is a place where technology and nature mingle beautifully, from the state-of-the-art three car garage, with turntable and hydraulics in the basement, to the infinity-edged rooftop pool. Rare and beautiful materials are featured throughout to create a new age, maritime feel. Various marble, stone and granite from around the world meet in the interior and exterior spaces to create a uniquely organic elegance. 

Cantilevered Staircase: Descending from the master bedroom and composed of floating stainless steel struts, the staircase cantilevers from the curved entry wall with softly lit edge treads, which spiral up to the second landing.

Top of Stairs: The view of the skylight above is from the pool. The skylight allows light from the rooftop pool to reflect onto this glass staircase, creating a dancing light effect.

Master Bedroom: The entry door is a Koa panel, which when opened, adds an additional panel to a full-length waveform of ten panels each offset from the next by a slit of backlit wave acrylic.

Living Room: Large sea-facing windows in the master bedroom and living room retract and completely pocket away in the walls, transforming the interior to an outdoor space open to the salty ocean breeze.

Master Bathroom: The master bathroom is separated from the bedroom by a nanotechnology dimming glass which can allow full view of the ocean or complete privacy with the touch of a button.

Office: Indigenous to Hawaii, this wood was derived from a Silver Koa tree that was blown over during a storm on the island of Maui. The Koa is dispersed throughout the entire house in pieces of furniture and fixtures.