Lawless AF 10

Our jewel by the sea is home to many accomplished entrepreneurs and Annie Lawless is a household name that comes to mind immediately. From the organic growth of Suja Juice that led to a multi-million dollar company to authoring The Suja Juice Solution and creating the highly visible site, Lawless has proved an inspiration time and again. Now she is forging ahead with a natural beauty line aptly christened LAWLESS. We caught up with this La Jolla local on plans for the New Year and a few other topics of interest!

What do you enjoy most about living in La Jolla?

I’m originally from Arizona but so lucky to call La Jolla my home for the past seven years. It is such a magical place with amazing weather and so many fun areas to explore.

+ Any favorite spots you frequent in the community?

I can call the Rancho Valencia Resort in Rancho Santa Fe practically my second home! From the mani/pedis at their spa to dinner at my favorite restaurant, the Pony Room, you can pretty much find me spending most of my free time there.

What does a typical day in the office look like?

There really isn’t a typical day for me, which is a major perk of having my own business. I do not have a defined role with set tasks so my day can be everything from working in the lab on new product innovation or hosting a brand event and shooting content.

+ You are most known for co-creating Suja Juice. How has that aided your other business ventures?

We started Suja as a small company where we were hand-delivering juices to homes throughout San Diego. As its co-founder, it has been so amazing to see the growth of Suja and taking those experiences in the health and wellness space to mold my passion for beauty and LAWLESS.

You are also the creator of – how did that venture take shape? is a creative outlet where I feel like I can connect with people on a more personal level. I love sharing my thoughts and stories with my followers so they can get a better sense of me. It’s important for me to always deliver fresh, exciting content that resonates with both my readers and myself.

What was your motivation for launching LAWLESS and the new lipstick line?

There was a huge disconnect between my love for makeup and my passion for living a healthy, natural lifestyle. There are so many awful ingredients in makeup that we apply onto our bodies everyday. I created LAWLESS as a culmination of my passions in makeup and health. LAWLESS is Natural AF (meaning always free) of carcinogenic, toxic, hormone and endocrine disrupting ingredients. 

What else can we expect from LAWLESS in the next few months?

We’ll be launching 15 shades of foundations in the spring, followed by 12 shades of concealers and loose setting powders. LAWLESS will be a full range of all-natural cosmetics for everyone to enjoy makeup without sacrificing safety.

What’s your mantra for success juggling so many different businesses, products, and roles effectively?

Generally, I section my day off in blocks so I stay productive and efficient. Mornings are dedicated to emails. The mid-morning is when I work on things I owe people, like approvals and payments. The afternoon is a great time for meetings so I can step away from the computer a bit and interact with people. I take a 30-minute break for lunch and avoid staying on my computer. After dinner is my most creative time where I like to test products and write down new ideas I have.

Any tips for clean and healthy living in the New Year after all the holiday indulgence?

Balance is so important to being healthy! I am Celiac and lactose intolerant so I tend to go for a high-fat diet with lots of fish, avocados, olive oil and eggs, along with lots of veggies. I generally eat on the healthy side most days but like to indulge in a glass (or two) of wine now and then.

What are your plans for 2018?

2018 is going to be such an exciting year for me and for LAWLESS! I have a lot coming up in the works and am focused on going full-force with LAWLESS as a beauty brand with an entire range of natural makeup.