La Jolla Unleashed 6

Sadie the Lady

The little protruding tooth from Sadie’s mouth helped seal the adoption deal. Well, that and the way she hopped straight into my lap with such overjoyed energy and a lightening-speed wagging tail that the room seemed transformed into an exuberant animal pad. The decision to foster Sadie after losing my furry best friend of 14 years was made with some hesitation. But while I had doubts, Sadie most certainly did not. She arrived like a mini firecracker that erupted with such brilliant force that an observer would assume she had simply been away at the dreaded vet and couldn’t wait to get back home. You see, the four-year-old Lhasa Apso had it all figured out: she longed for a forever home. Her entire history is a mystery, but we do know our silky-haired friend was found wandering the streets of Ramona prior to being brought to a shelter, along with other interim foster homes. And finally, she was delivered to our La Jolla home. Within a day we called her the “perfect dog.” She even arrived housebroken and with a love for cuddling. The adoption papers were signed in record time for the Best. Dog. Ever.