La Jolla Unleashed 4

Pets Among Us

Oso didn’t know what to expect upon his arrival in La Jolla. The handsome brown puppy was a rescue after all, who debuted in Bird Rock with a wagging tail, sensitive brown eyes and, naturally, a tummy hungry for treats.

La Jollans Brian and Ana Anderson had decided to take the plunge into puppy-ville and surprise their children Sofia, 8, and Alex, 6, with an adopted four-legged friend. The children’s reaction was priceless as Oso bounced into their grassy backyard and quickly embraced his new family. In remarkable time, he made himself right at home on their comfy sofa, beds, throw rugs, patio furniture and well… let us just say Oso rapidly learned to love his designated doggie bed after graduating from his crate.

It has been four months since Oso moved in (okay, took over) and now at 8-months-old, he has developed into a neighborhood staple on walks to Bird Rock Elementary School along with all dog-friendly gatherings. Plus, the Labrador and Shepherd mix takes his job as guardian of the Anderson household with the prowess of a puppy; he even has a knack for keeping roaming cats and annoying insects away from his terrain.

Sofia describes Oso as “good, extra fluffy, very cute, picky about his toys and a good listener.” And at the end of the day, don’t we all just want someone to listen to us?