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Bird Rock Coffee Roasters Serves Up Conscientiousness In a Cup

Bird Rock Coffee Roasters signifies more than simply a delicious cup of coffee to local San Diegans. Serving its home neighborhood for the last 15 years, the cafe maintains an integral role in the community as a notable gathering point for friends to catch up while enjoying unparalleled brews and supporting worthy causes.

Each product offered at their three locations represents an extensive process of careful selection and thorough research. The level of attention begins with the farmers themselves. “We’re very selective who we buy our coffee from. We seek exceptional, craft-oriented farmers that [yield] new coffee profiles on an annual basis,” Jeff Taylor, CEO of BRCR shares. Beyond the novelty and noteworthy taste of the coffee itself, they also ensure the farmers adequately compensate their employees, refusing to cut costs at the workers’ expense.

The merit of potential beans is analyzed by a uniquely qualified team of eminently trained quality control experts, including Taylor’s wife. Boasting an impressive resume, Maritza Taylor previously worked under the Colombian Coffee Federation and further as a reputable judge in various quality competitions. “We go to great lengths to make sure we’re getting exposure to the best farms and best coffee available,” she says. Once the premium brews have been determined, BRCR utilizes a pour-over method in order to serve rare and exclusive coffees that are not mass produced. Therefore, unlike most competitors, each drink is prepared individually by the cup “to not waste a single bean,” she emphasizes.

In addition to providing the best beans the world cultivates to their loyal customers, BRCR is also responsible for pioneering direct trade in the city. The direct trade buying model creates an opportunity for the staff to sustain symbiotic relationships directly with the farmers themselves, whether that be in El Salvador, Kenya or Ethiopia.

Their extraordinary business model and practices can be summed by their underlying philosophy – “We love coffee, we love people, and we love community. So we focus our care on those things,” Taylor says. It’s no wonder BRCR has drawn national recognition and countless awards, highlighted in Coffee Review’s National List of Top 30 Coffees of 2016 as well as multiple local titles.

In the community, BRCR supports numerous organizations such as Bird Rock Elementary, Las Patronas, the Little Italy Art walk and much more. They also donate 10 percent of sales to breast cancer research during the multi-day Breast Cancer Walk. The tradition of support spreads past organizations alone, as demonstrated by their artist of the month features. Each month, BRCR promotes 3-4 local artists identified by their community art liaison, offering the artists an opportunity for local exposure and sharing the city’s finest talents.

Ultimately, whether it’s for an unrivaled cup of personally-produced coffee, to reunite with old friends and neighbors, or to support local artists and foundations, Bird Rock Coffee Roasters is a local gem worth a visit. Taylor adds, “We’re very happy to be a part of the La Jolla community, and after 15 years we’re still growing.”