La Jolla Unleashed 2

Pets Among Us

Desi “Arnaz” is a handsome Havanese therapy dog who prances on well-manicured paws through the hallways and streets of La Jolla. He’s also known for “dancing” when he’s excited to see somebody; or perhaps wants some serious affection. He’s often stopped by adoring fans who can’t resist the urge to offer the 7-year-old black and white dog a few pets and satisfying belly rubs. As it turns out, Desi even has a little Havanese female protégé named Lucy, a therapy dog in training. A doggie romance destiny? Perhaps. But for Desi, work comes first. A licensed therapy and service dog, the friendly pooch visits folks in his home of the White Sands every week to offer companionship, warmth and, of course, unconditional love. His owner, La Jollan Dee Swartz, says Desi “feels people’s emotions.” So, if someone needs him in their lap for some joy, he’s happy to oblige.

Often, Desi has little Lucy shadowing him while learning the ropes of service. The Desi-Lucy duo make for an attractive team. The fact that they’re both Havanese which originate from Havana, Cuba and share the first names of the beloved Desi and Lucy from the “I Love Lucy” show must mean they were struck by a doggie cupid. Ahhh, love.