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To Whom It May Concern reads the header of the blog

Founded by three high school girls – Alex Estey, Avery Larson, and Lianna Treitler – To Whom It May Concern is a blog and online shop focused on providing teenagers with relatable and helpful content. As their mission statement says, “We aim to promote the importance of strong friendships, the power of using your mind, and making the most of of your experiences.”

Alex, Avery, and Lianna are all rising juniors at The Bishop’s School and founded the blog based on a shared love of style, writing, and contemplation of teenage dilemmas. As Avery explains, “We have different passions but share one goal; we want to create a platform where teen readers get advice and insight from people who share and understand their experiences.”

The girls write about clothing trends, restaurants, travel, friendship, and relationships. 
Alex says, “Our most popular blog posts have been our series on relationships where we find a random Instagram post about relationships and write a response to it.” Lianna adds, “We noticed that people like to read what they feel they can personally connect to.”

As far as future goals, the girls hope that the development of their online shop can lead to larger profits that can be put towards charity. Avery says, “Our goal for the shop was to put out products that are trendy but affordable and accessible for teenagers. We now want to turn that into a project that can help other girls because the three of us are in a very privileged position where we don’t need the profits.”

The three girls are looking to donate profits charities helping women and children, especially ones pertaining to education and development.