Art to Heart 5

Turning the spotlight on local artists

You might recognize some of the work on the next few pages. Or you might learn something new about a community member. For our feature this month, we wanted to celebrate some of our local artists, no matter their medium or specialty. We were overwhelmed with the talent we discovered and are excited to share some of that with you. Enjoy the next few pages, and do support and encourage these artists by visiting their websites, galleries and exhibitions.

Bonnie Owen

Known for her eye for joy, vitality and the subtle nuances of expression, Owen is a lifelong student of art. She studied at UCSD and the University of Hawaii, and is best known for her portraits and images of people but she also paints an occasional abstract. Owen has exhibited at the San Diego County Fair and various galleries around the San Diego area. She was a featured artist at the event “Glass, Paint, Swing!” in San Diego along with Sue Palmer and Leslie Perlis in a multi-genre celebration. Her paintings can be found in private collections nationwide.

Aaron Goulding

Husband, father, lead singer for Setbacks (United), entrepreneur, waterman, ex-pro bodyboarder, published adventure photographer, and civil volunteer, Goulding manages to juggle it all. His work is available on fine art paper, canvas, aluminum, and acrylic face-mounts. All imagery can be purchased at his galleries – Aaron Goulding Photography located at 1273 Prospect St., and 1255 Coast Blvd., in La Jolla. He is also available to shoot weddings, and work on all types of portraits, even underwater!

Jenna McCloskey

Jenna McCloskey is a recent graduate from UC San Diego’s Visual Arts undergrad program. Her digital illustrations explore the relationships between beauty and darkness. She is inspired by fashion, comics and movies, and reflects these inspirations in her work. Her dream is to work as a fashion illustrator as well as work in the film industry. We were lucky to work with her in our inaugural issue! |

Tim Bessell

At a young age, Bessell’s mother exposed him to the infectious world of art. As a result, he gained an interest and appreciation for a sub-culture that would coincidentally influence and shape his future to come. By the age of 13, he began shaping surfboards. Within several years, he established himself as a professional shaper, and eventually started his own company – BESSELL SURF BOARDS. Over time, not only has he perfected his work as a surfboard shaper, but more importantly, also defined himself as an artist.

Ian Ely

Having established himself as a force to be reckoned with in the world of professional landscape photography, Ely now finds his name and his many and varied works mentioned among the world’s best known and highest regarded lensmen. He is constantly studying, researching and refining his methods in all aspects of his art in order to invite and then guide his audience to experience the visual wonders of earth. Born and raised in California, his love for the outdoors was stoked at a very young age, later leading to the realization that landscape photography was his mission, passion and dream. His work can be viewed at Ian Ely Gallery on Prospect Street.

Connie McCoy

Inspired by lighting and the dramatic effects that it creates, the drama stirs Connie McCoy to paint, more than the scene itself. She paints representational with a bent towards abstraction. The creative process has always been a part of her. With a B.S. Degree in Advertising and Graphic Design from the University of Cincinnati, College of DAAP, she worked in advertising and started her own design business in 1985, Connie Boulton Design. After a successful career in advertising, packaging and graphic design, she now dedicates her time to painting and sculpture, which are her passions.

Minnie Valero

Born and raised in Argentina, drawing and painting has been a hobby since childhood for Valero. In the past 10 years, she has had numerous group and solo shows in France, Italy, Spain, Portugal, Hungary, Sweden, and the Czech Republic; also in Costa Rica, Korea, Egypt and Panama. She teaches watercolor, pastel and acrylic painting every year in the South of France, since 2008. Her book of sketches My Three Lives: In Argentina, USA, France was published in 2011. Whatever the subject or the media, she paints with pleasure and passion.

Peter Lik

Peter Lik has spent over 30 years pushing the boundaries of fine art. A self-taught pioneer in the field of landscape photography, he has become synonymous with pristine images of cascading waterfalls, ethereal mountain peaks and tranquil shorelines. Located at the Cove, LIK Fine Art showcases some of his most notable and award-winning photographic masterpieces – a natural fit for those who pursue luxury and have a fondness for exquisite beauty. Discover the beauty of Mother Nature today, at LIK Fine Art La Jolla.