My Favorite Things 19

Erika Torri | Executive Director | Athenaeum

Erika Torri has been the Executive Director for the Athenaeum Music & Arts Library in La Jolla since 1989, and has overseen and raised the funds for two remodels and expansions. The Athenaeum has grown tremendously under her leadership, and is known internationally for its collection of artists’ books and related publications, jazz series, concerts, lectures and exhibitions.

La Jolla Landmark: Athenaeum

Leisure time activity: Working in my garden and assembling puzzles with my grandchildren

Restaurant/dish: Rosario in East Sound/Orcas Island; Freshly caught crabs and shrimps in Deer Harbor, Brauner Kohl in Northern Germany and Spaetzle and Maultaschen in Southern Germany

Art I own: Works by Carlos Amorales, drawing by Georg Baselitz and artists’ book collections by Baldessari, Boltanski and Ruscha

Book at the moment: Pascal Mercier: Der Klavierstimmer

Cities to visit: Berlin and New York

Museum: Hamburger Bahnhof, Berlin; MOMA, New York

Place to vacation: Venice during the Biennale; Sent, Switzerland in the spring; my home town Bremen for the Hanseatic flair and artists’ book collection at the Weserburg

Charity to support: Athenaeum; MCASD; Stuart Collection, UCSD; opera

Experience working at the Athenaeum: Accomplishing the remodel and expansion of the Athenaeum to combine all three historic buildings