Destination: Summer 9

There are no easy roads to Black’s Beach, which makes it not only a peaceful destination but one that is worth the trip for solitude and serenity. Why Black’s Beach? We chose it for its mystique and place in local and national beach culture. Although it’s not too far from the hustle and bustle of La Jolla, it is a world away. We explored the crevices, nooks, and vignettes of this hidden oasis, bringing with us beach and summer essentials, including some gorgeous on-trend swimwear and heavenly accessories. We may have shared the afternoon with the resolute surfer and brave hikers, but the beach was ours alone to create a groovy beach den of pillows, towels and scarves. Hiking to the tiki hut is not for the faint-of-heart but is worth the view from the top and the unmistakable, albeit rustic, throwback to beach culture of the 50s and 60s creates the perfect backdrop for a lingering afternoon in the sun.

Swimsuit: Rio Nasty Starfish Long-Sleeve One Piece

Swimsuit: PilyQ Safari Reversible Wave

Bracelet: SKOVA Scarab

Ring: SKOVA Arrowhead

Swimsuit: PilyQ Hindi Strapless One Piece

Necklace: SKOVA Beaded Horseshoe

Ring: SKOVA: Feather

Textiles: SKOVA

Bag: PilyQ Allison Lace Bag

Wrap: PilyQ Lesa Tassel Kimono

Wrap: SKOVA Owl Shawl

Swimsuit: Rio Nasty Saint Tropez

Beach Towel: SKOVA Kilim

Pillows: SKOVA Kilim & Cappadocia

Necklaces: SKOVA Leather & Shark Tooth

Swimsuit: Rio Nasty 
Black Saint Tropez

Bandana: SKOVA

Bracelets: SKOVA

Swimsuit: PilyQ Paradise Phoenix One Piece

Swimsuit: Rio Nasty Lovers One Piece

Hair Accessory: SKOVA Kudu Ring


Concept and Stylist: Shantè Schwarz

Make Up: Très Belle Agency, Angela Michela and Kristy Darrenogue |

Hair: Deborah Arboleda with Familiar Woods Collective | @BeautyArtistree

Photographer: Zemina Zaferakis |

Photographer’s Assistant: Mike Bonwell

Swimwear: PilyQ |  
Rio Nasty |

Textiles & Jewelry: SKOVA |

Models: Danyela Aviles & Hannah Ridgeway |