Men of La Jolla 10

La Jolla is San Diego’s jewel and rightfully so. With outstanding coastal vistas, endless dining, entertainment and a thriving arts scene, community members and businessmen offer their take on what makes La Jolla a special place. These Men of La Jolla gathered at the iconic La Valencia La Sala Lounge to grab drinks and share their keys to success. A consistent theme is the generosity and kind nature of our seaside community. When you see these men around town, perhaps offer them their favorite drink…we promise that great conversation will ensue.

Andrew Canter |

Whistle Pig on the Rocks

“La Jolla? What’s not to love? After extensive traveling, this is home, this is where I get to live near the greatest neighbors.” Andrew Canter, Owner of Canter Companies, learns every day by listening to his employees and finding new opportunities for all members. He is careful to never let ego get in the way of business and life. Andrew’s passions? His wife and his work.

Matthew Bergman |

Sazerac with a Twist

Matthew Bergman, Founder and Managing Member of Chiltonic, learned everything about success from riding BMX bikes. He rode professionally, performing tricks for a very long time. “If you practice, perfect it, at any given moment, you will crash from that high precipice. But, you have to get up and do it again, with a smile. Business is the same, you have to take the leap and work really hard.”

Patrick Miller |

Spicy Bloody Mary

Patrick Miller, Business Development Director at Wells Fargo, likes La Jolla for its calm, serene, mellow attitude. Patrick’s passion is that he loves people, believes in not holding a grudge, and values relationships. “Life isn’t all about business, it is about the relationships. Business is a by-product.” His motto – Surround yourself with people who have a similar view on life. Do good. Be good. Things will then happen.

Luke Hartelust |

Ballast Point Sculpin IPA

Luke Hartelust, Co-Owner, F45 Training, has been in La Jolla for the past eight months, coming from Australia. He is amazed that the community is so friendly and family oriented. Plus he absolutely loves the weather and the shores. Luke’s biggest secret to success is consistency, whether it’s training or dieting. “Consistency is king and this can be translated across all disciplines.”

Evan Tyrell |

Soda with Lime

Evan Tyrell, Co-Owner of F45 Training, has been in La Jolla for six months, coming from Sydney, Australia. “The reception has been nothing short of amazing here,” he says of the community. To be successful, he believes desire, drive, and knowing your end goal will make anything possible.

Filippo Piccini |

Tinello Sangiovese

Filippo Piccini, Chef and Owner of Acquavite, came to La Jolla from Tuscany. Here, he found his restaurant on Prospect Street with an ocean view reminding him of his home in beautiful Italy. His passion for authentic Italian food is what drives him. “There’s always room for a fabulous Italian restaurant.”

Aaron Goulding |

San Simeon Cabernet Sauvignon

As a photographer, Aaron Goulding believes that La Jolla is one of the most beautiful places in the world. The coastline, the people, sunrises, sunsets, sea life, birds, everything adds to the natural beauty. His mantra for success – “To be successful, you need to do your thing 110 percent and do not compare yourself to anyone. You can do anything you want.”

Mark DiBella |

Jack Daniels Manhattan

Mark DiBella, La Valencia Managing Director, thinks success comes from common sense. “Hospitality is the job and you have to show people a good time. You can’t overthink this, listen to what the people want times 10.” Mark’s personal key to success is to have fun at work for yourself and your guests.  “Continue making the magic every day.”

Dr. Mel Kurtulus, M.D. |

Cranberry and Soda

Dr. Mel Kurtulus, Robotic Surgeon and Medical Director at San Diego Women’s Health, thinks that the diversity, the way nature is blended with the lifestyle is what makes La Jolla the jewel, the best part of San Diego and Southern California. Nature is respected. People are conscious of their surroundings, preserving it. To him, “Passion is what you do and what you believe in. You’ll then become the best. Helping others has become a passion for me.”

Nino Venturella | +

Johnny Walker neat

La Jolla’s culture and lifestyle along with a high level of execution make it the place to be, drawing people from all over for the views, the real estate, and businesses. Nino Venturella, Premium Finance Director at Capital Crest Financial Group, believes success is relationships, reaching out, and making the necessary connections. He is confident that integrity, and following through with your promises, promotes your business, whether it’s for profit or charity.

Ramin Alec Pourteymour |

Hendricks Gin Cucumber Martini

Success comes from being focused, setting goals, and being prepared for failures. “As a retired pilot of Jumbo 747s, you create a flight plan focusing on all contingencies. The same is true with businesses. You set your plan, but if you can adjust, you can make sure that the right thing will happen. Focus on the future, looking back occasionally. Also, the more you give, the more you help people and charitable organizations, the more that will come back to you.”

Dan Austin |

Grey Goose and Ginger Ale

Dan Austin, Publisher of La Jolla Lifestyle, has had the most success when he has a persistent vision and surrounds himself with those who share that same vision. “La Jolla is a tight knit community with a slice of heaven – I am thankful for the warmth of the community and the support we have received locally.”