Chill Out For Better Health 2

Chiltonic Cryotherapy

Looking for a cool new spot to chill in La Jolla? Chiltonic is just the place! While you may only be able to hang out there for about three minutes at a time, you can walk away with a number of benefits, including reduced pain and inflammation, weight loss, and wellness.

Chiltonic is a cryotherapy center where you can stand in a cryotherapy chamber that releases liquid nitrogen in its gas form. What this does is cool your body down quickly and reduce systemic inflammation. The nitrogen sends signals to your brain to create vasoconstriction, which brings all the blood up to the core. While the blood is circulating, it becomes oxygenated and helps the immune system to reduce pro-inflammatory proteins and increase anti-inflammatory proteins. Chiltonic has one whole-body chamber and schedules appointments every 10 minutes, to be able to service up to 100 people a day.

Although the number of treatments may vary by individual, cryotherapy sessions can help to reduce pain from chronic medical conditions or athletic or overuse injuries, reduce inflammation, improve circulation, speed up recovery, and enhance athletic performance. While Chiltonic clients range in age from 25-65, the minimum age is 15 and the process is great for student athletes.

Chiltonic co-owner Matthew Bergman is a former BMX athlete who tried cryotherapy for the first time at a three-day spa event in Del Mar. He has been an advocate for cryotherapy since his first session and explains how cryotherapy helped him personally with soreness and injuries.

“It was pretty straightforward,” Matthew says. “I was amazed that I could feel that good that quickly, I felt it right away.” But what really sold him on crytherapy was the fact that it helped his wife Gretchen, who is also the co-owner of Chiltonic, manage her chronic back pain that she experienced after back surgery. “If you’ve ever watched someone you care about deal with pain, you know you will do anything on God’s great pasture to help,” he says. “When cryotherapy came along, I thought maybe my wife could benefit. Sure enough, after about six months, she no longer had the flare ups or the chronic pain.”

Gretchen shares, “I suffered from chronic back pain, and I tried everything – acupuncture, massage, chiropractor…but when I tried cryotherapy, I noticed an immediate difference. I thought, “This is amazing, why doesn’t this exist in San Diego with so many fitness and health-oriented people?””

The first Chiltonic location opened in Encinitas in 2015, and there are now three locations including Hillcrest and La Jolla. The Bergmans have plans to open more locations in San Diego County and expand up the coast in the near future. They have partnered with a private health management company and will soon be able to offer more anti-inflammatory modalities, services and products.

One of the most amazing things about cryotherapy is its versatility – it works for chronic pain but it can also help athletes recover after training, it can help to speed up healing after surgery but it can also rev up your metabolism and improve sleep, mood, and reduce stress, anxiety and depression.

“Some of our clients are amateur athletes and triathletes,” Gretchen says. “All of a sudden, after a few sessions, they’re hitting personal records in their events or their performance is improving rapidly, or they feel more fresh the next day after training.”

While Chiltonic has fantastic benefits for athletes, it can help casual fitness enthusiasts as well or anyone looking for a refreshing, invigorating experience. Chiltonic offers a $20 first-time visit special and hosts unique spa events monthly. If you are on the fence about trying cryotherapy, consider this – unlike an ice bath, you remain dry inside the cryotherapy chamber. You also won’t experience any shocking cold temperatures. In fact, five minutes after you get out of the chamber, you’ll be warm again and feel instantly better. As Matthew says, “Seeing people arrive here in pain and leave feeling better, that is one of the best parts of what we do.”