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The staff at George’s Level2 are working to elevate the craft of cocktails, not only here in La Jolla but for all of San Diego. Their approach in designing cocktails is to take the classic concept of elegant balance, and apply it to a modern palate to tell a story that can speak to place, time, and context. They want our surroundings to be represented in the glass, to put our region on the cocktail map, to be unique and innovative through local ingredients and local flavor.

Inspired by the classic gin cocktail The Last Word, but updated with mezcal, Stephen Kurpinsky’s Oro Rosa, rose gold in Spanish, is named for the color of the finished drink which has a pinkish hue from the rose petal infusion. “I wanted to modernize the classic cocktail and offer the modern palate something that was true to the original, yet new and innovative.”

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Oro Rosa

The Goods

.75oz rose infused mezcal

.75oz maraschino

.75oz green chartreuse

.75oz smoked lime juice

1 dash of gentian tincture

The Process

Add all ingredients into a shaker tin, add ice, shake and FINE strain into a vintage stem glass, garnish with dried rose petals

Rose Infused Mezcal:

Add 3 tablespoons of dehydrated rose petals into a bottle of mezcal, shake, let infuse for 72 hours, strain and bottle

Gentian Root Tincture:

Add 2 tablespoons of gentian root into 500ml of maraschino liqueur, let infuse for 24 hours, strain and bottle

Smoked lime juice:

Cold smoke halved limes with applewood chips for 30 minutes, juice, strain